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Cultural Response: Duggar Hell

If I see one more post defending Josh Duggar with the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” argument I am going to scream.

First off, these posts are all such a screaming perpetuation of American rape culture that it’s horrifying. Sexual abuse/violence is a massively big deal which causes lifelong trauma and both internal and external struggle to live normally and have functional relationships with others, let alone their family. The fact that Josh molested his sisters–not just some girls in town or his church something (all situations which would be equally horrifying, for the record), but his sisters–just makes it worse for those girls because now there is a severe conflict of interest: how do you go about loving and trusting your brother–because he is your brother–while coping with the fact that he did this to you? Furthermore, that these girls were forced to live under the same roof while their family told them it didn’t matter and protected their abuser instead is more than just a suggestion of conceived male superiority. It’s a functioning example of blatant sexism.

Secondly, yeah, sure, God forgives all our sins, and theoretically even the most heinous of them, but have you all forgotten the part that demands that you repent first? Josh hasn’t repented, has only issued a very basic public apology and disappeared from view; that isn’t repentance.

Thirdly, just because God forgives him on a cosmic plane, regarding his eternal soul, doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to disregard his crime just because he’s done good things in the past. It doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to say “oh yeah, man, no problem, God forgives you” because that isn’t going to do anything for anybody.

The state of his eternal soul isn’t my business, nor have I any interest in it. I live on a physical plane on a physical planet with physical people and the laws we have instated to protect ourselves and each other. Josh committed a tremendous crime and deserves to go down for it. His sisters deserve validation of their trauma and the backing of an offended public.

No, I don’t know the Duggar family, but that’s completely irrelevant. No, I am not without sin, but that is equally irrelevant. What I am is a human adult who is capable of reasoning and compassion for victims of a crime committed by someone they should have been able to trust with every part of their lives. I hope that all members of this family and situation find peace with themselves and each other.