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Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time? —

The only way that I would work just for the hell of it would be is if I could review books or blog professionally. I would even proofread professionally, to be honest. Even if I didn’t have to work to live. These are just things that I really love doing, so they don’t ever feel like “work.”

But retail? Gas stations? Food services? Frankly, anything high stress that requires dealing with mass amounts of people?

Not a chance. Not if money isn’t a necessity. Why would I do that to myself?

Otherwise, I would focus a lot on my crafting stuff. I’d make and sell jewelry, but probably not at high volume. I might actually get a bit more serious about the light bulb ornaments that I make, hahaha. And I might actually attempt to finish writing one of my novels!

I want children, too. And I’d be perfectly happy to be a stay-at-home mama. That would be okay with me. =)



I am a Writing and Publishing graduate student at Emerson College. I studied English and Linguistics in my undergraduate career, as well as a little bit of philosophy and four other languages (somewhat superficially). I am interested in language and how we use it culturally, as well as a vast collection of current sociopolitical issues, including race, sex, and gender, and the ways that those issues intersect each other.

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