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Daily Prompt: Verbal Ticks

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it? —

Oh dear.

I say “totes” and “def” in place of “totally” and “definitely”. I’ve also taken to saying “dibs” in place of “cool” thanks to a girl I worked with over the summer. But I guess that’s not that big of a deal.

Things that drive me crazy:


>Gag me.

“I literally can’t even.”

>I beg your pardon?

“Grammar nazi.”

>Excuse me. I am not a Nazi, I am merely an enthusiast who takes things very seriously. I am not a Nazi.

I’m sure that there are more, but I mostly try not to think about it because I dislike being irritated.

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Daily Prompt: City Planners

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be? —

Uhh, frankly, there is very little that I would bring to my hometown that I would consider special and lovely because my hometown is a cesspool of misplaced prejudice, stupidity, and ignorance, and I see no reason to waste my time and effort on giving them something to tarnish and/or destroy. It isn’t worth it.

In their defense, the place is a little bit better off now than it was when I lived there. But only marginally. And there’s still so much that needs serious attention that it would be worthless to introduce things for them to throw away during the growth process.

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Daily Prompt: Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices are working. How do you pass the time? –

First off, if none of my electronic devices are working, I’m freaking out, because why the hell is my phone not working and how am I supposed to get a hold of whomever is picking me up from my destination. Because that would be enough to have me freaking out for awhile. (If it’s just dead, I’m definitely going to bite the bullet to buy a new charger.)

Otherwise, I’m probably going to sit and read one of the at least 3 books that I brought with me, or write something in a notebook that I always keep around. Because I’m like that. Whether it ends up being a letter, a really stupid journal entry or some kind of story fragment. Rarely poetry. Nobody really wants to be around me if I’m writing poetry. I don’t do that in public.

Beyond that, I might get up and walk around. Go window shopping or something. I haven’t a clue.