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Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

We’re giving you a free ticket to the period and place of your choice: where do you go? Do you stay where you are, or venture somewhere far away? Do you go all the way back to prehistoric times, or relive a fun moment you just had last year? —

I feel like I end up saying a lot of the same thing(s) over and over again with a lot of these posts, but I can’t help the topics I’m being given. It isn’t my fault. Bad things happen and although I’ve accepted it, that doesn’t mean that I like it.

My free ticket would take me back to high school, before my brother committed suicide, so that I could revisit what life was like Before. I miss his smile and his laugh and the stupid things he used to say. He’d try way too hard to come up with a pun and they usually weren’t funny but sometimes they were just because of the amount of effort it took to get there. I miss fighting with him. I miss joking with him. Making fun of him and singing with him and informing him that he’s completely wrong and needs to stop being a bullheaded idiot. I would hug him. And I wouldn’t let go for a long time, even though he’d probably start hitting me and wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

I don’t know why any of you are following my blog considering how depressing I am so much of the time. I do apologize; I wish that I could be happier. It’s a long road out of hell, and sometimes I feel like it’s more of a losing game of Chutes and Ladders. I’ll get there eventually, I think. One can only hope.



I am a Writing and Publishing graduate student at Emerson College. I studied English and Linguistics in my undergraduate career, as well as a little bit of philosophy and four other languages (somewhat superficially). I am interested in language and how we use it culturally, as well as a vast collection of current sociopolitical issues, including race, sex, and gender, and the ways that those issues intersect each other.

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