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Daily Prompt: The Heat is On

Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best. – Daily Prompt

Truth be told, I am the queen of procrastination. I mean to do things well in advance, steady and without rush. But I just don’t. I never, ever do. I might start ahead of time, buuuuuut I will never do the bulk of it until I am down to the last minute. The night before, the morning of, sometimes even during class. I feel bad about it usually because the stress just about kills me, but old habits die hard, and I doubt I’ll ever really change. Hopefully I can raise children with a different mentality so that life is easier for them, but I guess only time will tell.



I am a Writing and Publishing graduate student at Emerson College. I studied English and Linguistics in my undergraduate career, as well as a little bit of philosophy and four other languages (somewhat superficially). I am interested in language and how we use it culturally, as well as a vast collection of current sociopolitical issues, including race, sex, and gender, and the ways that those issues intersect each other.

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